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First & Last meme

First real memory of something:
I think the earliest is rocking back and forth in my mom's rocking chair, until I went too far and tipped over backwards. Either that, or flushing one of my favorite toys down the toilet. Ah, it's always trauma that makes the greatest impression.

First car:
My grandmother's Plymouth Voyager, a rather ancient clunky thing that we modified the back seat on to face backwards out the trunk. When the transmission exploded (heh), my Mommy P. bought me a new car, and I sold the van to ironbadger (After fixing the tranny).

First real kiss:
In a graveyard. No, seriously. I was out on a date with CM, we had a picnic in the graveyard over by SMC and a kiss was involved. Neither one of us was sure how to stop. So it was very long.

First real breakup:
Again, CM. There was... some rancor between him and chythar. My fault, really, I didn't tell either one of them I was dating the other (I didn't keep it from them, I just didn't go out of my way to mention it), because I wasn't certain how they'd take it and I also didn't really think there was anything wrong with it. Past mistakes. CM demanded I choose, and that made the choice clear. Later on he wanted to get back together with me, Chythar or no, and I said no because I didn't like being jerked around.

First job:
Hi De Ho Comics. I stalked them until they gave me a position at the register. No seriously, I wouldn't leave them alone 'till they gave me a job.

First screen name:
Manawolf! Over at Let's Talk. Ah, the name I made for myself haunts me to this day.

First self-purchased album:
Uh, like, with my own money? I guess it would be Tonic: Lemon Parade, which I got with a gift certificate. That's the first CD I can ever recall purchasing one way or the other.

First funeral:
God, the lady who ran my day care group. I don't even remember her name, I'm ashamed to say. But I do remember she smoked a heck of a lot, and that's certainly what did it. She was sweet though, had the best sandbox, although her assistant spanked me once for not napping, even though I'd been told it was OK for me to stay awake and read because I was older. My mother had words with her about that. Oh yes she did.

First pet:
Fossil! I had read Abracatabby and was obsessed with getting a black cat. Then on my birthday, my parents told me to sit down and hold out my arms, and I felt something very warm and fuzzy. I opened my eyes, and it was not black, but it WAS a cat, a feral-baby caught with his mom over at UCLA campus where Mommy P. worked.

First credit card:
Capital One. Still haunts me.

First true love:
Well how the heck do you define true love? CM came close, but it was ended before it blossomed beyond puppy love. I think chythar would be it. I mean, something that lasts seven years has gotta count. On the other hand I was desperately in love with mystee during my senior year in High School, which quite thoroughly overlaps my relationship with Chythar. Now there is sardonicus, whom I do love truly, and otana, whom I love more sincerely than I thought possible. How the bloody hell do you expect a polyamorist to answer this question, eh? >.o

First enemy:
Niza Alvarez.  Yeah, I still remember that cunt's name.  I understand her family was going through a divorce, but that didn't exactly make me sympathetic towards how she treated me.  She and I were friends - I learned that this was not the case when I discovered candy bars missing from my backpack.  I suspected her, but had no proof.  So, I hid the candy in a middle pocket, and told her that I had done so to keep it from getting stolen.  It disappeared, sure enough, and she was the only one who knew where it was.  I think I let her jerk me around for a while yet though.  I can't recall if she was related to a sleepover incident wherein someone spread lies about me, but I do recall that much later on, she and one of her friends threw rocks at me.  Whatever I did that offended her so greatly, I don't think I'll ever know.  But I did tell on her and boy did she get in trouble.

If you're out there, Niza, congratulations, you engendered my first true loathing of betrayal and false friendship.  I decided I would rather be taken for a fool a thousand times rather than be like you. (I'm not terribly worried that she'll read this, but if she does, she deserves every word.)

First big trip:
My family went on routine trips to Laguna Beach and my grandmother's in San Jose, but the first BIG trip was to France when I was 11.  I have written plenty about that so there is no need for details.

First music you remember hearing in your house:
Oh geez, Wren House was full of music.  It was likely something like Clanaad or The Faerie Round... no, on second thought, the first music I remember is my mother singing.

First broken bone:
*ahem* My ankle.  I sprained my wrist badly in a fall at school when I was a kid, but the bone didn't break.

First Concert:
The TMNT Concert; my mom bought tickets for my birthday and I took my best friend Regina Richter along.  Apparently wolfwings was there as well, during the same showing. 

First serious illness:
Uh, serious?  I suppose that would be the Chicken Pox... I got it when I was 11 or 12.  Very late to catch it, the later it is the worse it hits.  Was out of school for about two weeks I think.

* * *

Last cigarette:
EW.  I've never smoked anything in my life.

Last car ride:
Uh, I drove home from work yesterday...

Last kiss:
Likely a good-night kiss with Sardonicus.

Last good cry:
Last night.  Had a pretty rough breakdown, but I'm feeling better now.

Last book read:
The High House.  Absolutely kicked ASS, I'm working on the sequel now.  I tried to read a book Sardonicus got from the library, an Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel, but got kinda bored and lost - I'm missing all the back story.

Last movie seen:
Minority Report, I think.  Fun little mind-bender, got the DVD on sale.  Before that, Hidalgo.

Last restaurant visited:
Does the little Chinese place where I got my boba count?  No?  Then, the Checkers Cafe where I got basil pesto pasta, which is rather nice, and lasts for lunch the next day as well.

Last dream:
A lot of jumbled summer camp/community antagonistic stuff.  I saw this really pretty squirrel fall from a tree, and I ran down over to see if it was okay, and it was laying very still and then this boy ran over and kicked it.  I was going to kill him, and I would have too, if </a></b></a>sardonicus hadn't woken me up for saying so in my sleep. 

Last curse word uttered:
"I'll fucking kill you."  In my sleep.

Last beverage drank:
Breakfast tea, Earl Grey from The Ceylon Tea Co.

Last food consumed:
Toasted bagel with cream cheese and jam!

Last show watched:
Dr. Who, which we faithfully DL from torrent every week.  Oh, don't freak, we'll buy it when it comes this way, but in the meantime we want to SEE 'em dammit!  Everyone else is doing it...

Last time showered:
Last night, I washed my hair too.

Last shoes worn:
Yesterday I wore my soft leather bootie things.

Last outfit worn:
Today doesn't count... I wore a brown stretchy skirt with ruffled edges and a string tie that hikes up one edge, and a blue broad-striped shirt with a metal ring in the cleavage.

Last CD played:
The Paul Oakenfold part of the Paul Oakenfold/Fat Boy Slim collection.

Last wish:
Last night I wished I could go to sleep forever.

Last disappointment:
In myself.

Last item bought:
A toffee mocha boba, yesterday for my afternoon blood sugar rush.

Last annoyance:
My neighbor kept walking back and forth on the front walk, disturbing the squirrel I was trying to feed.

Last soda drank:
I don't really drink soda much anymore.  When I do, it's something worthwhile, so likely an Ironbeer, or maybe a Sprite, which is fairly inoffensive.

Last ice cream eaten:
Mocha fudge - oh wait, that was soy cream, not ice cream.  It will have to do!

Last alcohol drunk:
Whatever the hey Otana made me when I was visiting her.  I don't really drink alcohol, it kind of burns my tongue and throat (I can't help it, I'm a super-taster), and I feel the dehydration quickly so I never truly get drunk because I give up and drink REAL liquid before I start to feel sick.  But, sometimes the tastes are interesting.

Last webpage visited:
Livejournal.  Honestly, what would you think?

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