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Kittens +  Grenade

What is it they say about goldfish brains...

Ah, it is sunny (at last) and the pretty young things are out in force.

But, that's not what I'm posting about.

I WAS going to be on time to work today, when I noticed one of the goldfish I inherited from Tess wasn't looking so hot. There's a hollow rock ornament with various oddly-sized holes, and Comet was looking out of one of these holes, twitching occasionally and breathing. But he wasn't swimming anywhere...

Concerned, I reached in and gave him a poke. Then I realized that he was stuck.

The fucking goldfish got STUCK in an aquarium ornament. He couldn't swim out because the hole he'd stuck his head through was too small.

I picked up the ornament and he was STILL stuck! He was genuinely and truly wedged in there, like one of those stick-through-the-ring hair diddlybobs. I carefully poked his nose to try to back him out, gently pulled his tail, and eventually figured the safest thing was just to push his head back through the hole. Carefully.

Once his nose was clear of the ornament wall, he swam out through the wide open bottom of the ornament. God knows how long he'd been stuck there. He looked tired enough...

I swear to $deity... I know the fish are not smart. It's part of their charm. They are GOLDFISH, theoretically unable to remember anything past three minutes (they certainly know where food comes from tho). But that was a particularly spectacular feat of stupid.

I arrived at work my customary 15 minutes late, which fortunately is not a problem, because as long as you work the full 8 hours no one really cares when you get there. :)


Kinda makes you wonder how they survive in the wild.
I had a goldfish that did that .... more than once @.@.

This is the same goldfish that routinely swallowed aquarium gravel along with the sinking shrimp sticks I fed to it...

But I think the worst thing about goldfish is their uncanny ability to kill one another if not introduced at the same time into the tank (or sometimes even then...)

I love goldfish, theyre so cute ... but I don't keep them anymore because I couldn't stand it when they killed one another.
Huh, have not had that problem. But, these two were put in the tank together when I moved them from Tess', so that was probably enough of an environment disruption.

Plus, Butch is a massive slow-moving black Moor, and Comet is - a Comet. Butch is big enough to intimidate the Comet, but not spry enough to genuinely bully him. Hey, would you want to come over and see them? It's been ages since we visited!
Moving 2 fish in together is usually okay. It tends to happen normally when one is introduced to an established tank. But sometimes they just dont like eachother anyways ^.^,

It'd be nice to visit sometime =). You are right, it has been a long time...
It sure would be nice to be able to show up to work whenever I felt like it, so long as I put in the required number of hrs. I envy you.
Well, you'd probably get a talking-to if you showed up two hours late without telling anyone... but if you called in and said you'd be late, and made up the hours, it'd be fine.

One of the things that makes this job worthwhile. But then, I work with lawyers. There had BETTER be some perks.
Ha, isn't it tho? Yeah, he seems quite fine, I'm certain he forgot his horrific experience within three minutes. ;) He was probably running from the battle-ship goldfish Butch and decided that would be a good place to dart through... >_>