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Kittens +  Grenade

lol internet

The saga of the flamer-who-I-will-not-name-because-I-have-magnanimously-chosen-to-bestow-undeserved-mercy-upon-them continues.

I do actually have a name for this person, so I will use initials. Because, it's so much more personal.  And, I only have so much self-control.

When last we left our heroes, S.L. had discovered I was a lebian! O NOES!

S.L.: your nuts man just leave me alone lord....

Manawolf: Hey, YOU emailed ME. You asked for these nuts. Speaking of nuts - er,
                "married to Vegeta?" Need I say more about nuts?

S.L.: soooooooooo? I am

Manawolf: I can appreciate a healthy fantasy life, but damn. Who are you trying
                 to convince, me, or yourself?

S.L.: no one I am who I am and that’s all there is to it

Manawolf: Healthy self-acceptance kind of reaches it's limit when you start
                emailing strangers claiming to have married a cartoon character. (I
                don't think they give out marriage licenses to fictional persons, btw.)

S.L.: naaaaaaaaaaaaaah
        I am married to a ANIME character not a cartoon character and I am proud so

Manawolf: Boo-yah? Is that supposed to be a cry of triumph at supposedly
                correcting my terminology? I'm not going to argue with you regarding
                cartoons vs anime... it'd be like shooting fish in a barrel...

                Let me introduce you to something called reality. In Reality, there is
                no Capsule Corp, no dragonballs, no Saiyajins. In Reality, they only
                give out marriage licenses to living, breathing, REAL homo sapiens - and
                sometimes not even then. In Reality, a fictional person cannot get a
                marriage license, and no sane officer of law or religion would officiate
                a union between a human and a figment of imagination. In Reality, a
                drawing CAN NOT say "I do," (and even if you conjured up a slice of
                animation that did, it wouldn't mean a damn thing,) even if you DID find
                someone to preside over the ceremony, not to mention it would be
                HORRENDOUSLY out of character for Vegeta to do so. He didn't even marry
                Bulma. You expect him to dedicate himself to a weak human teenager in a
                pathetic Earth ceremony?

                Delusional, and really, not too bright either. At least pick something
                that's plausible within the fictional world you're trying to sell as
                your own.

S.L.: huh? and you said what ? I didn't understand a thing
       ps Vegeta loves me [fan pseudonym]

Manawolf: Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought.

S.L.: thought what?

Now, I did not actually reply to that, not seeing the point because I was starting to get bored. I mean, I at least like to hunt things that shoot back, so to speak. This was on 5/30.

It doesn't end there. Someone up there must like me.

On 6/1...

S.L. (in a brand new message): you know I hate you

Manawolf: Yes, sweetheart. And that fact brightens my day. Tell me more.

S.L.: fuck u

Manawolf: There you go propositioning me again! I'm not certain you're my type, I mean, I usually like people to wait and ask AFTER we meet in person...


Wow your dealings are even more absurd than mine

You win. ;)

...LOL. XD I wish I had fun flamers like that to poke at. ^_^;
Ohmigod... best picture EVER. You don't have a pic of just the fish sans text, do you?
Unfortunately, no. ^_^;; But isn't it WONDERFUL? I think I snagged it off of Google Image...if I knew the source I'd certainly credit... :P
*punch in the belly*


disclaimer: i am making a witty reference to an outdated catchphrase on the forums i do not wish to punch you in the belly ok bye

I don't go to that site. At all. Period. So your "humor" is quite lost on me.
It's where the macro came from [to the best of my knowledge]. Sorry, I was being roundabout.
Don't mind him. He's crazy. From Ireland.

Baraka has knifes
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

You come up with the most hilarious responses to your 'tard emails. XD
I'd be way too tempted to tell this person that it's hard to believe they're married to Vegeta when, were he real, he wouldn't fuck them for practice.
That was one of my points, but it was lost on her because I used too many syllables.
Wow, Manawolf, it looks like you found a special one there. Hmm. I think she's one of the last ones out there that actually think Vegeta is straight.

But, I'm sorry to say, she's wrong.

Brilliant. Did you do that yourself, or is there a site that generates it?
Hehe, it's all Photoshop and Arial Black font. *^.^* Hehe, glad ya liked.
I do not know what could have given this person the first clue about your sexual preference, I am guessing that the whole belonging to the Fur Pride ring was a hint. BTW I just looked, what happened to your lair?
What's the URL you're using and what's the problem?

And, I think she caught on when I took "fuck you" as a proposition. *rolls eyes*
I tried to access the lair from the Rainbow footprint website. The bigfoot site seems to no longer be active

BTW did you know that June is National Gay, Bi, Lesbian, and Transgender month.
D'OH. I will have to fix that...

The site's still up at it's real URL, http://www.firstlight.net/~chythar/manawolf/home.htm

I will need to speak to Firstlight about getting my page moved into my own directory instead of a sub-directory of my ex's...
I don't know what web space we get with Speakeasy, but you might consider moving it there. Your account, your page perhaps?
If you're willing to pay moneys, Akari Hosting is pretty good, from what I hear. I wouldn't know though \o/
Oh Dear Lord, how old is she 11? jesus.
You want to kno whats really evil?

You can send away for a certification as a baptist minister by mail, and the certificate is legally binding....
Meaning that once you pay the fee and fill out the paperwork- you are legally an ordaned baptist minister, and if you perform a marriage- its legal.

Eric Blumrich got one for a lark once, and he's jewish....;)
(Or at least, they used to offer these. It was over 15 years ago, so things may have changed.)
I think it cost $50.


Should have added that this is probably the only way to be found to get married to a cartoon character in the real world....

Actually Otana has one of those, or something similar... she's a genuine "Reverend." Hmmmmm... :3

It was just a thought.....

I found an interesting way to deal with people who get all weird on me in IM.


10 minutes

before replying

to each message

It's all via email. :)
*giggles* Oh noooss! God thats great!