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Kittens +  Grenade


Must... not... murder small child in rattly tricycle... repeatedly going back and forth in front of apartment... urge... to kill... rising...


Teach the kid how to smoke.

I guarantee his parents will never leave him unattended again!
Teach him how to masturbate, instead.
Could be worse he could be riding one of those annoyingly loud ATV things like they do here >
*hands over hir sig* Go head
As a parent, I giveth to you the permission. Murder the child and dismember the trike, so that it may never be ridden again.

I dunno, I'm a fxer-upper kind of personality. I hear/see things that aren't working and I jump in to repair whatever is wrong. Besides, I'll take a child in the tricycle over some rappish crap being blasted at 90 decibels on some very poor speakers.
I thought for sure we were rid of the dirt bikes going around in circles on our street circle, but a new family moved in with more dirt bikes.

Trade ya for the tricycle?