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Kittens +  Grenade


Dr. Who just scared the panties off me.  I'm gonna go hide under the bed and whimper while rocking back and forth and hugging my knees.

Speaking of which, I got in trouble at work for quoting the line "you would have made a good Dalek" in my signature.  Bollocks!  (Actually I find it rather hilarious.)




I used to be scared when i was 8 seeing them. I could still watch them but I would always be scared.

I think it was a combo of the haunting "Mummy....?"

Or watching that Dr turn into the odd gas-mask zombie...

Wait till you see episode 9. that gives me the heebie jeebies.
... If that's the first part of The Empty Child, that's what I'm talking about.

I HAVE seen ALL the released episodes. So unless you're talking about an ep that hasn't been aired...
Ah, so that's the name of it. Yeah, that the one that creeped me out. Can't wait to see the ending of it. *shudders*

No, ep 10 isn't out yet that I've been able to find.


Believe it or not, I had my first drink with boba Saturday night at Califur, a group of us had gone to Mitsuwa Plaza for dinner. I ordered a peach smoothie with boba, chewy but delicious!

Re: Boba.

Haha, told you so. Scary as SHIT.

"Are you my mummy?"

That morphing scene was AWESOME.
It was indeed!

It was also a bit freaky for me...

Really looking forward to the next ep!
Dr. Who scared you?? *hmm, pehraps the Ring or The Grudge, I can barely shower alone thanks to those movies, but Dr. Who, I will truly have to see this episoide.