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Kittens +  Grenade


Oh my god it just gets better...

Remember Teh Email?

It is continuing. 

God, I pondered posting this girl's email address, but that would just be like feeding pinkies to pirahna. As bitchy as I have been lately, I'm not CRUEL.

To recap...

Fangirl: NO!
           Vegeta is not Yaoi!!!!!!!!
           He's married to me xxxxxxxxx

Manawolf: You're delusional....

Fangirl: hey screw you bitch

Manawolf: You'll have to wait your turn.

Fangirl: O_o YOUR LEBIAN/BI?

Manawolf: LOL. First, YOU were the one who wanted to screw me. Second,
                yes, I am, I like guys but I prefer girls.
                I like being called a bitch, btw. Goes with the whole "wolf" thing.

Originally I was posting this with commentary, but then I decided that diluted the gold that is this comedy.  God, I'm going to start looking forward to this individual's emails when I get home!  Not once have they failed to bring a smile to my face!

Who wants to place bets that she'll think I'm hitting on her and will threaten to sue me on the internet for sexual harassment?


::snort:: Okay, that's just hilarious. :D
*falls over giggling* That's BEAUTIFUL!!!! XD
I didn't know you were from Lebia! Sooo... how's Khadafy doing these days?

That is hilarious

You are quite a stinger. *laughs*


ps: dont know if I saw you at califur.

Re: That is hilarious

Would be surprised if you did, 'cause I wasn't there. :)

(I do bear a startling resemblence to Lisa Sample, tho.)

Re: That is hilarious

someone said you were here. maybe they saw Lisa.

Re: That is hilarious

Musta been. Wasn't there, might try next year. :)

Re: That is hilarious

No, she wasn't there. Lisa lives in NJ and is as poor as the rest of us.
it is so funny when you catch folks trying to make a put down and the person being put down goes, why yes I am :) makes them eat crow.
Ahhh... the ones that talk back are always the best. Good on you for not getting cruel... isn't playing with fangirls fun? :)

Some people's kids....

Hey crazy lady- wanna work on more furry bondage comics sometime soon?
(I feel inspired after Califur- an all too rare occurance these days.)

You hafta ask? :3

I actually might kinda sorta be thinking about drawing again... the tattoo design work I've been doing for my Significant O. is good for confidence. n_n
Bloody lebians, doing those silly lebian things all over the bloody place ;)
*giggles* hehehe I think you gave her an aneurysm
Oh my dear "LEBIAN", send her to me, she will definitely lose her mind, meeting a transsexual gay man. Well, I think you will have to explain that to her....

[lol i am funnie, look at me everyone i am the centre of attention :D]
Amusing! Oh my, what a 'tard!