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OMG I woke up early. Which was what I meant to do, but I actually did it. Woah.

So, I think I will eat, then off to ame_chan's garage sale and a farmer's market, and maybe investigate getting a haircut like I have been talking about for the past five months. The only problem is finding someplace that will not give me a hard time about my long hair... or try to convince me to cut it... or charge extra for working with it. >.o

Then come home and do what I REALLY want to do, call otana. Heh.


*confused* you want a haircut but do not want the hairdresser to convince you to cut it O.o??
Heh. I want a trim and bangs, but my hair is butt-length, and I want to continue to grow it, so I don't want anyone trying to convince me that I should go short, as is popular nowadays.
ATM I have been unsuccessful searching online. I decided to bite the bullet and just go to Supercuts, I did hear a lot of positive things about them online.

Of course, AFTER I did this, I drove down Washington and saw a whole slew of stylists had cropped up when I wasn't looking. D'OH. Well at least I won't have to go downtown to get braids, as a braid/weave/etc. specialist has opened up right down the way.
Bangs? I'd have thought your hair would be too wavy for bangs? I know mine was a nightmare unless I straightened it ... hell, still is.

Actually, I was gonna ask you to call later tonight 'cause I haven't talked to talonsage or chibi_vegeta for a while so it would be nice to get some chats in before absconding with the phone for the night.


Darn! I gotta wait til it's available on bittorrent! Dang!!!!

I am so hooked. I don't know a single person here who doesn't sit down every Saturday night to watch it. I loved that the guy from Shaun of the Dead was a bad guy!

I just hope the next Doctor is as good as Christopher Eccleston.
OMGOMG. Must DL. But have to wait for Sardonicus to get home to start becuz he's the one who always runs the torrent. ;.;

BUT thanks to Wolf we DO have shiny new monitors to watch it on!

Is now good to call or ought I to wait? Lemme know! (That is, if you see this. If I don't see anything for a bit I'll just ring up your cell so I can find out what the best time to call would be. ;) )

Actually, part of the reason I want bangs is because of the wave in my hair. It's own weight straightens it out when it's long, but when it's short it does cute little curls.

I now have bangs (a bit shorter than I was thinking, but eh) and they are CURLEH. They go all POOF and I am obsessed with playing with them. The stylist was actually very sympathetic to my long hair, gave me advice and dutifully trimmed only an inch. I had to stand up for her to trim it tho. ;)
Can you call later? Like ... say around midnight my time? That'd be about 4pm your time, I think.
Absolutely honey! Will see - er, hear you then! ;)