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Kittens +  Grenade

Furry doc update

So, The Person Who Would Do A Furry Documentary (aka Marianne) asked me to post a link to her current blog (which apparently, does not yet show on Google) - I think it's both in her interest and in ours.

Check it, criticize it, compare it. And honestly, tell me if you can find a valid reason why this particular film must or even may turn out to be negative.

What she has to say for herself

Floor's open - speak or hold your peace.


I would say that furries are they own worst enemies.

They all insist on keeping the whole fandom closed, keep all the reporters at bay and think they all are scum. At the same time, furries keep drooling over "massively hyper endowed" anthros, and creating a fandom where mindless sex and yiff are the pinnacle of creativity.

Umm... hello?! No wonder the media feels like they are like the late Rodney Dangerfield.

I'm sure that the Star Wars and Trek fandom would not had gotten as big and respected if 95% of the constituents only wanted to see Captain Kirk boinking Han Solo or Princess Leia.

I'm not saying that adult images are bad. I'm guilty of producing my fair share of them. But it certainly would do wonders if furs would strive for a little more creativity than just wanting to see foxes do the "horizontal dance".

But I'm digressing... I would say, more power to you for wanting to give someone a chance, and that you think not all media people are cut from the same mold. In my eyes, that elevates you higher than most of fur fandom.

Just an old croc's opinion.