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Kittens +  Grenade

Furry doc update

So, The Person Who Would Do A Furry Documentary (aka Marianne) asked me to post a link to her current blog (which apparently, does not yet show on Google) - I think it's both in her interest and in ours.

Check it, criticize it, compare it. And honestly, tell me if you can find a valid reason why this particular film must or even may turn out to be negative.

What she has to say for herself

Floor's open - speak or hold your peace.


No, SA goons and trolls are a constant. No matter what subculture, genre, or group is the target, there will always be two groups of people out to ruin it; trolls and wanna-bes who give the group a bad reputation.

Take, for example, the hacker community. We're a group of people with benign practices and noble ideals (the freedom to communicate, the freedom to privacy, and the freedom to explore). Now look at the cultural definition of hacker, and you see that it's defined by a very different group of people: the wanna-be script kiddies and outright thieves that use the tools and methods developed by hackers to either piss people off or rip people off.

The furry community is at an advantage right now. Unlike 'hacker', 'furry' hasn't become a household word for "bad bad person"... yet. The community can either let the media draw their own conclusions based on the actions of a non-representative minority, or they can find media outlets that will portray the community fairly, covering all of its aspects.

Yes, dealing with any media personality can be dangerous; there isn't much guarantee that they will portray your side of things fairly. But if you don't cooperate, if you don't agree to interviews, the media will still publish their articles, documentaries, etc, and they're going to be that much more biased against you; if you talk to them, then at least there's a chance that your open-mindedness will rub off on them, even if only a little.

So, it would seem that I disagree with you completely. I can see little to lose, and a lot to gain.
My former hacker non de plume was Magister, short for Magestrium. So yes, I know the diff between a hacker and a cracker. I still do embedded systems design work for fun and profit. *waves*

As for much to gain; that's true only if you give a hoot what people who aren't involved with us in any way think about the genre. While I support showing the genre in the best possible light, there are too many jerkoffs running around looking to make a name for themselves by shooting a shlockumentary. So unless the person has an established background that can be reviewed for fairness and honesty, I still maintain that it's a crap shoot and that the odds aren't in your favor.
Not meant to offend, but the fact that you would even use the word "cracker" as if it had any real meaning implies to me that you didn't pay enough attention. That's a word without any inherent meaning, unless you mean "someone who cracks encryption," which I would say is not outside the area of legitimate hacking. WEP encryption bypassing and the DeCSS algorithm are "cracks," and they were both created out of intellectual curiosity.

Of course, if you meant "derogatory term for a white person" and were just referring to the general lamers who brand themselves hackers, then I take it back.

I still contend that bad publicity will happen whether you participate or not, so participation can only improve your odds. And not caring what people outside the subculture think can be a very dangerous thing, especially when they start designing legislature targeted to take away your rights.