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Kittens +  Grenade

Furry doc update

So, The Person Who Would Do A Furry Documentary (aka Marianne) asked me to post a link to her current blog (which apparently, does not yet show on Google) - I think it's both in her interest and in ours.

Check it, criticize it, compare it. And honestly, tell me if you can find a valid reason why this particular film must or even may turn out to be negative.

What she has to say for herself

Floor's open - speak or hold your peace.


Sweetie love, dear wuffie...the link does not go to her blog, but to your thread on chrissawyer's LJ...
WTF How the hell did that happen?

Fixed now. Thank you VERY much.

Will be about in a bit. ;-*

Er...beware my shifting mood...*eyes it* Fair warning and all...