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Kittens +  Grenade

Furry doc update

So, The Person Who Would Do A Furry Documentary (aka Marianne) asked me to post a link to her current blog (which apparently, does not yet show on Google) - I think it's both in her interest and in ours.

Check it, criticize it, compare it. And honestly, tell me if you can find a valid reason why this particular film must or even may turn out to be negative.

What she has to say for herself

Floor's open - speak or hold your peace.


Sweetie love, dear wuffie...the link does not go to her blog, but to your thread on chrissawyer's LJ...
WTF How the hell did that happen?

Fixed now. Thank you VERY much.

Will be about in a bit. ;-*

Er...beware my shifting mood...*eyes it* Fair warning and all...
She sounds good to me. :) I'll link her too, when I have some energy.
I dunno...
You think I should offer to participate?
I've been active in the fandom since before it WAS a fandom-

Maybe we could do it as a duo interview?
(We DO collaborate on comics work and the like.)
I'm not sure I'd want to do it by myself...

I think you should participate if and only if you want to. :)

I do think your input and experience would be valuable, though. You probably have a very different angle from most furs who are around these days - myself included. I think the majority of furs got involved via the internet, and that is a vital part of their view of the fandom, but you have had an entirely different path.

If you want to do an interview with me so you have someone to play off of, or for support, I'm more than happy to do so. :)
Basically, I'm still very hesitant. These are the same promises made by others before. Recall that Castro was also an independent - that didn't stop him from selling his film to MTV, now did it? How much damage did that little independent film cause?

I'm going to look at this problem from a different viewpoint. What's in it for us? The entire genre, I mean? Do we really give a hoot what others think about us out there? Even with the best possible portrayal I can imagine, nothing will change either in fandom or outside of it. So why bother? Will the trolls suddenly behave? Will the goons at SA suddenly get lives? I don't believe so.

I can see much to lose and little to gain. So the gamble seems to be a poor one from this seat. It's your call, of course. But I wouldn't do it; I'd apologize politely and say that previous identical promises ended badly and thus it is not in my best interest to participate.

You know, somedays it is good to be invisible in the genre. :)
No, SA goons and trolls are a constant. No matter what subculture, genre, or group is the target, there will always be two groups of people out to ruin it; trolls and wanna-bes who give the group a bad reputation.

Take, for example, the hacker community. We're a group of people with benign practices and noble ideals (the freedom to communicate, the freedom to privacy, and the freedom to explore). Now look at the cultural definition of hacker, and you see that it's defined by a very different group of people: the wanna-be script kiddies and outright thieves that use the tools and methods developed by hackers to either piss people off or rip people off.

The furry community is at an advantage right now. Unlike 'hacker', 'furry' hasn't become a household word for "bad bad person"... yet. The community can either let the media draw their own conclusions based on the actions of a non-representative minority, or they can find media outlets that will portray the community fairly, covering all of its aspects.

Yes, dealing with any media personality can be dangerous; there isn't much guarantee that they will portray your side of things fairly. But if you don't cooperate, if you don't agree to interviews, the media will still publish their articles, documentaries, etc, and they're going to be that much more biased against you; if you talk to them, then at least there's a chance that your open-mindedness will rub off on them, even if only a little.

So, it would seem that I disagree with you completely. I can see little to lose, and a lot to gain.
My former hacker non de plume was Magister, short for Magestrium. So yes, I know the diff between a hacker and a cracker. I still do embedded systems design work for fun and profit. *waves*

As for much to gain; that's true only if you give a hoot what people who aren't involved with us in any way think about the genre. While I support showing the genre in the best possible light, there are too many jerkoffs running around looking to make a name for themselves by shooting a shlockumentary. So unless the person has an established background that can be reviewed for fairness and honesty, I still maintain that it's a crap shoot and that the odds aren't in your favor.
Not meant to offend, but the fact that you would even use the word "cracker" as if it had any real meaning implies to me that you didn't pay enough attention. That's a word without any inherent meaning, unless you mean "someone who cracks encryption," which I would say is not outside the area of legitimate hacking. WEP encryption bypassing and the DeCSS algorithm are "cracks," and they were both created out of intellectual curiosity.

Of course, if you meant "derogatory term for a white person" and were just referring to the general lamers who brand themselves hackers, then I take it back.

I still contend that bad publicity will happen whether you participate or not, so participation can only improve your odds. And not caring what people outside the subculture think can be a very dangerous thing, especially when they start designing legislature targeted to take away your rights.
Alas, I am unfamiliar with the Castro incident. I am behind the times.

I'm not doing it to change SA or PoE or trolls... They'll always be the same. We have no power over them just as they have no power over us.

But I like the viewpoint you present - why participate? I mean, aside from all the little personal reasons such as I am an attention whore, and a pushover for sweet talk. n_n;

I guess it's just that slim chance for something genuinely positive. Something WE can look at and be proud of, and point other people towards (even if it won't change our detractors one bit - again, I'm not trying to). The chance to make something honestly downright cool is what I'm holding out for.

On the other foot, seriously, what's one more negative furry story? It's not like one more is going to make a huge difference. Scathing articles jump up all the time; sarcastic references to furries pop up on Sci-Fi and TechTV. Between MTV, Vanity Fair, CSI, and all... What's one more? Will it make our present publicity problem visibly worse, and will it change the minds of steadfast supporters (as opposed to steadfast objectors)?

I mean, give me a concrete reason that it will turn out negative - the ID of the filmmaker is false or suspicious, or funding is picked up by an organization with interests in sensationalism, or Man Show-esque furry stand-ins have been hired... I'll pull out. I'm not blind (just hopeful). But I'm not NOT going to do this based on suspicions that have nothing to do with the actual facts involved.
I would say that furries are they own worst enemies.

They all insist on keeping the whole fandom closed, keep all the reporters at bay and think they all are scum. At the same time, furries keep drooling over "massively hyper endowed" anthros, and creating a fandom where mindless sex and yiff are the pinnacle of creativity.

Umm... hello?! No wonder the media feels like they are like the late Rodney Dangerfield.

I'm sure that the Star Wars and Trek fandom would not had gotten as big and respected if 95% of the constituents only wanted to see Captain Kirk boinking Han Solo or Princess Leia.

I'm not saying that adult images are bad. I'm guilty of producing my fair share of them. But it certainly would do wonders if furs would strive for a little more creativity than just wanting to see foxes do the "horizontal dance".

But I'm digressing... I would say, more power to you for wanting to give someone a chance, and that you think not all media people are cut from the same mold. In my eyes, that elevates you higher than most of fur fandom.

Just an old croc's opinion.