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Kittens +  Grenade

Stubbornly Naiive

Yes, there is a furry documentary in the (very preliminary) works.

Yes, I've agreed to be interviewed.

*sigh* After the Ruby Wax incident, I swore off the media. Honest I did, and I meant it. But I can't stay jaded; I really am a "fool me thrice and I'll keep coming" sort of wolf. I believe in the best, and I keep believing long after everyone else has learned their lesson.

I think I am the most stubbornly naiive person I know.

Yet... how can I judge one filmmaker by the actions of others? SHE hasn't created bad press (yet). She is not responsible for nor is she (as far as I can tell) associated with those who have. How can I judge her based on the actions of others? That's what the people who create/contribute to our publicity problems do. So what if it's human nature, and it's what one must expect - but I believe in both doing and hoping for something better.

I refuse to judge ALL people seeking to do some sort of film/book/article on furry fandom by the actions of some, or even the actions of the majority. I will judge this filmmaker on her own merits. Not to say I'm not suspicious or cautious - if I find she isn't who she says, or any indication that it is going to be negatively slanted or sensationalized, I bail.

I intend on representing no one but myself. I'm just a very (very... VERY...) strange chick who also happens to be a furry lifestyler. Believe me, I KNOW I'm not your average JoeFur. I'm way out there on the edges, man.

So, loud an'clear, I AM NOT A SPOKESPERSON FOR FURRY. So, now that it's out there in big bold capital letters, don't be a moron and say that's what I'm trying to do, eh? I represent myself and I speak for myself, although I expect I will also present my perceptions regarding others. Nearly a decade of being in the fandom's gotta be worth something.

That having been said... those who speak at least have a chance of being represented. If you do not speak - as is your choice and your right - then there is NO chance of representation. And that's fine. Think staying below the radar is best? I'm not gonna argue. But don't blame those of us who do choose to speak for skewing the data, because you didn't provide any alternative input.

I have looked into the filmmaker's rep (Googled, not hand-fed URLs), and so far so good. She's not a journalist; but she is an underground filmmaker and published fiction author.

We'll see. This whole thing may get derailed before it starts, or hit problems anywhere along the line and never see a final cut, or it could blossom into the biggest fiasco since Vanity Fair. But there's also a chance it could become something good, something better, and I would be lying if I said I didn't genuinely believe in supporting that.

That's me. The eternal fall-boy and reliable patsy. Maybe some day the person around the corner won't trip me. And, maybe I'm a fanciful, pretentious idiot who just makes things worse for everyone. But I believe in certain things, and I will act by them.

I will at least be true to myself, whatever that is, and whatever the world makes it out to be.


Good for you! To thine own self be true. ^_^
Sounds gewd!
I say go for it!
Hear, here.

I got invited to participate in two documentaries; one on soulbonding, the other on Otherkin. I've done preliminary filming for both, and currently the projects appear to be stalled, but I'm still hopeful they'll get picked up again.

That having been said... those who speak at least have a chance of being represented. If you do not speak - as is your choice and your right - then there is NO chance of representation. And that's fine. Think staying below the radar is best? I'm not gonna argue. But don't blame those of us who do choose to speak for skewing the data, because you didn't provide any alternative input.

...and that was exactly why I did it. Good for you.
If you located the filmmaker's repertoire, post a link to it. I'd like to get a grasp on what sort of material she's produced in the past.

Is this production specifically lifestyler-focused? If it is, then you've already got some serious problems since that represents a minority of the fandom, and is exactly the sort of thing the previous media disasters homed in on.
She is very much in the indie/underground art scene, with what seems to me to be some genuine talent. Google "Marianne Shaneen" and her blog, among other things, should come up quickly.
Actually, what she (reportedly) wants is to get as much of a cross-section as possible. Hobbyists, Christians, fursuiters, lifestylers, and none of the aboves. This is part of what led me to want to give her a chance.
I've grappled with the whole "furries and the media" thing for a while, and I've come to this conclusion; if you don't let the media in and talk to them, they're going to come to their own conclusions. I would rather they talk with someone who clearly has a level head than the media be left to their own speculation about furry. That said, good luck.
Just be very much on your guard, Manawolf. The media is not your friend and you can't believe anything any of them say to you. Their objective is to get a story - period. If they tell you that you'll get to okay the final story, walk away because NO journalist does that. If they ask about sexual stuff, answer no more than one question about it.

We had a case of this here in Houston about 2 years ago. A local alternative paper started snooping in our forums and asking for interviews. We addressed the problem by sending 3 people to interview the interviewer and figure out what his angle was, and deciding if he was on the up and up before talking with him.

Just be on your guard, that's all I'm saying. Those people Castro filmed? I wonder what he told them. I doubt he told them that he was going to make them a mockery and hold them up to ridicule.
I hear you, I absolutely do. In 2002 I was fed a string of bald-faced lies to try to get me in on a media fracas (remember the guys who tried to arrange to have lifestylers and burned furs meet without prior knowledge for orchestrated drama?), and I'm not prepared to let that happen again.

She's not - as far as I know - working on this for any network, paper, or organization. And if I find out she is, you'll hear about it. ;)

I have to agreee...why not give things a chance?

Yes, I know that in many cases you set yourself up to be hurt in some way. I have this idea of giving anyone I can the benifit of the doubt. Besides, Im not into the furry Chicken Little shit. The sky isnt falling so sit back at your computers and continue with what you were doing. You know?

I have to say that I have not had the media ever approach me as I dont come off all that interesting. So in a way I dont know what it is like to be approached by the media. That is why in my friend Chris' journal I wasnt about to get in that overreacting drama fest that one of the suspecting furs started.

At any case, at the first sign of fish, end it. End things when you feel they are going into depths of questions that you dont wish to answer. I think you will do as best as you can since you arent TRYING to speak up for all of us other furries.


PS: If you are wondering who the heck I am (since i know you can lock your entries down at some point), I am a friend to Wolfwings. I have heard good things about you and now that I have seen how great you handled the situation in Chris' journal I decided I had an excuse to comment what I feel and say hello

*retreats to her spotty leopard world*

Re: I have to agreee...why not give things a chance?

*points at leopardess* She's good people. A little wonky in all the right ways, cool fetish-talk to compare notes about occasionally, and a good and different outlook on many things. =^.^=


...I'll have to look into this further, though I doubt I'd have much to add to such a documentary unfortunately, except some degree of knowledge of all the chaos and insanity that goes into running one of the many Conventions. =^.^= Hrm... actually... *goes off to look into this further, remembering some other things he knows from being such a semi-professional fence-sitter*