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Kittens +  Grenade


OK, so I was going to say that my allergies are much better. Indeed, I was feeling quite good over the weekend.

Spoke too soon, way too damn soon. Today I'm not only doing the sinus thing, but sneezing a bit as well. Oh yes, and eyes feel a little puffy. (I knew your day was not complete without this info.)

Mom's sending Claritin. <3

This is downright bizarre. NEVER had this much trouble before. A little bit as a kid, but it manifested as just being sniffly, and we never tracked it down to any allergies or anything. Mommy Phyl was the one with allergies. I'm still blinking at the mental roadblock that says "but I don't HAVE allergies!"

Rain suggested pollen.com, and between it and a few other places I deduced that tree and grass pollen are very high in my area. Um, yay. I'd love to get a panel done and figure out EXACTLY which species is responsible for this nonsense.


Allergies can show up without notice...

Never had allergies til I hit 34yrs...that's when I realized that my winter cold which was still occuring in April might not in fact still be a cold...

Claritin is wonderful...so is zyrtec..
Allergies can definitely develop for no apparent reason. I lived in CA for 25 years, no problems, on the 26'th year I started getting watery eyes, sneezing, constant headaches--and the doctor told me allergies. I moved to the east coast when I was 27, and have no allergies here. I figure I've got 25 years here before I need to move to Canada--got to stay one step ahead of those allergies!
Glad I'm not the only one. Well, if allergies are gonna show, this is the year to do it.
yeah, I got hit hard with what San Mateo County Hospital thinks was "Seasonal Allergies." I've got fever, cough, headache, sore throat, the works... they prescribed me mostly over the counter stuff except for Robitussin with Codeine... I was sick once before, and that stuff worked wonders. I hope it'll work this time. *sigh* being sick really sucks.
found you through Micha's LJ, I think your a pretty cool person :)
I hope the Claritin does the trick.