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OK, so I was going to say that my allergies are much better. Indeed, I was feeling quite good over the weekend.

Spoke too soon, way too damn soon. Today I'm not only doing the sinus thing, but sneezing a bit as well. Oh yes, and eyes feel a little puffy. (I knew your day was not complete without this info.)

Mom's sending Claritin. <3

This is downright bizarre. NEVER had this much trouble before. A little bit as a kid, but it manifested as just being sniffly, and we never tracked it down to any allergies or anything. Mommy Phyl was the one with allergies. I'm still blinking at the mental roadblock that says "but I don't HAVE allergies!"

Rain suggested, and between it and a few other places I deduced that tree and grass pollen are very high in my area. Um, yay. I'd love to get a panel done and figure out EXACTLY which species is responsible for this nonsense.

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