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Why hasn't 0____pedophiles serial-added me? I have, like, Dr. Ten manga and stuff! I even sold some once, to other pedophiles! And I roleplay with (fictional) underaged (nonhuman) characters!

Oh no wait... that's right, I'm (supposed to be) a DOG rapist, not a CHILD rapist. Riiiight. But... aren't dogs just human children in fur coats? Dammit! Now I'm all confused!

Still. I feel, uh, left out and stuff. Waah.

In other news, I have absolutely no desire to eat anything, especially if obtaining it involves effort. I am not sure if this is due to pollen, or medication. Or the medication I've been taking for pollen.


It looks like that due/chick (it's probably Ashi Moto, internet attention whore extraordinaire) has his/her hands full with Russian l337 kids. Those motherfuckers know how to spam.
Ashi Moto is having tons of fun with the russians from her involvement with O pedophiles. Last I saw her journal has some entries with over 300 comments or so. My goodness is she a piece of work or what. As for O pedophiles adding you I think his list is too full to do so. As you said you are the infamous dog-rapist thanks to your college essay that has become an anti-fur favorite lol.

Oh the internet can be so much fun :P


Dog Rapist? I always prefered the term Skunk F###er myself ^_^