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Kittens +  Grenade

Stupid, stupid minds

Stupid sinuses. Stupid headache. Stupid hurty eyes and snucky nose and upset stomach. Stupid Sudafed.

Stupid pollen. Most of all pollen. Stupid, stupid pollen.


Sorry about all this, hon. I'll try to keep up the vacuuming so we at least have some relief indoors.

I hear Phoenix can be nice. I'd suggest Death Valley.....but well, you know.....

Honestly, I think it has nothing to do with housekeeping. Hell, I wasn't like this at Chythar's and we vacuum far more often than he did, even at our laziest. I think the exceptionally high pollen count has just kicked up some sort of latent reaction in my system.

Death Valley?

Not now. Too many wildflowers. Wait until summer for that one.

Blame it on the stupid rain....

Same here. Stuffy nose. Laryngitis. Coughing. Sinuses hurty too. Sneezing on occasion.

Re: Blame it on the stupid rain....

Yes, rain. Stupid, stupid rain. Making things grow and explode with stupid pollen.

Stupid... STUPID!

I don't even have allergies either! Not that I know of! That's what annoys me, it came out of absolutely nowhere.