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Kittens +  Grenade


No sign of a raise yet. Just some overtime pushing the amount up a bit. Rate's still the same.


When it comes through it had better be something spectacular, 'cause it's supposed to be retroactive through to the 1st of last month.


hey, at least the retro on your raise will pay for your taxes this year! so in a way, you really haven't lost anything this month, and just think of your raise REALLY going into effect after you pay your taxes. Right? Just keep positive, Mana. Thing's will work out. They always do.
and btw--I love ALL of your art. Sorry i didn't comment before on your latest work, but it really is spectacular, and I'll have you know I'm jealous of your talent. I can draw some, but not NEARLY as well as you can. *throws food to Mana's muses* Just keep drawing because you really are wonderful at it.