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Kittens +  Grenade

April 15th, you do me wrong


Looks like I owe taxes this year.

FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. I've never owed taxes before, ever. I was presuming I'd get a return - you know, like always. I guess because I actually made a living this year.

I was counting on a tax return. Shit, last year I bought a BED with my tax return. I expected to get at least a few bucks back, yakno? It's rather a large jump from getting $500 refunded to owing a couple hundred.

Today is not my day.


Eeek! Personally, it's always the state that kills me. For years, the feds would give me just enough money back to pay the state off. Bastards.

Unless they've changed the law, you can always make payments on it. There's a form to fill out, where you propose 2 or 3 payments, and even if they deny it, it takes them awhile to get back to you about it, so you have extra time to come up with the cash.

*stabbities the government* Too bad you can't deduct your fishies and kitties.


That just BITES wuffie...and NOT in the good way.
I know, I deducted my car registration and medical payments too.
I hated it when it first happened to me. I got used to paying for the last several years--had a baby and then BAM! Got almost $1800 back. I guess it's the only legitimate way to get out of paying taxes (aside from being a multibillionaire that every political party is courting for money).
Did you do the taxes yourself? Or did you hire someone? I was pissed myself with the taxes because they removed the head of houshold that I used to constantly take. Obviously they felt it was being abused. Now the code seems more difficult to understand than in yrs past. Good luck to you.
Turbotax, same as last year and the year before that.

Yeah, they keep changing things because when it's complicated people miss stuff and end up paying more. u_u
I had to send a check also.