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Kittens +  Grenade

Attack of the quick-buck lady

So, I was driving home, thinking about maybe taking a walk and shooting photos of the local gardens, when I saw a bunch of STUFF out on the curb. Yesterday there was stuff as well, but the pickings were rather slim. Now there was more stuff! Yay!

I parked around the corner and went to investigate. A lot of beaten-up furniture stuff, and - ooo, what's this? A really pretty bookcase-type thing with ornate sides! Yay! I pick it up.

Then the lady in the garage starts yelling at me to put that down because it's already been bought.

What the fuck?

I ask her if anything else out there is actually NOT up for grabs, and she says I can buy anything for a couple bucks, make her an offer. That shelving I'd spied was sold for $2, and she said "better get it off the street before somebody else thinks it's available..."

Yo. How about getting ALL of it off the street, if it's not up for grabs? Stuff stacked IN THE STREET, by the curb, yes where cars would otherwise be parked, is UP FOR GRABS. If it's NOT, keep it on the sidewalk and/or put up a sign that says "4 SALE CHEAP."

You don't demand money for it if someone wants to take it, and just leave whatever's left for the garbage man or street people. It's free, or it's not. Make up your mind and don't yell at people who presume it's up for grabs, because that's what it was yesterday. Now it's not up for grabs, because you're here sitting in your garage? Go fuck a barbed wire vibrator.

Dealing with Ms. Beligerance killed any desire I had to go walking or photographing. Now I'm just grumpy.

But, Bomber Man 2 doujin did come in, and it is pretty. And there is Turles and Bardock and Radditz in a short story that I am sure would be hilarious if I could read it. Alleviated my mood somewhat to find this in my mailbox. (Yes, bought back when I actually had money.)


Ok....stuff in the street and in the gutter is considered garbage, unless you're cleaning out your garage or something. Most cities are doing a spring cleanup or extra trash pick up this weekend. I say, if it's still there tomorrow, go take it anyway and maybe leave a quarter glued to her porch, lol.
See, by that time all the stuff worth taking will have been taken. :P
Placing something down by the curb with the garbage is, absolutely, giving it away for nothing. Most likely this woman stacked stuff there intending to junk it, then someone came up and took something, and she then decided that she'd sell the rest but was too lazy to put up a sign.

Either that, or you were the first one, when you came out she JUST THEN thought of charging you, and everything else she said was a lie.

My money is on the second option.
From what I understand when someone puts something in a "public" area such as seems to be the case here that unless it is marked it is classified as trash. That is why it is so vital not to throw those credit card invites in the mail without destroying them first, With regard to the law I understand it that the trash by leaving it as such is now public domain and that you are free to help yourself.

read case here California vs Greenwood --> http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?navby=search&court=US&case=/data/us/486/35.html

Because said items were unmarked and in the street you have all rights to help yourself and abandonment would be the ruling and not Tresspassing