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Saiyajin Female

Lesbian community trainwreck en progresse



it has become something of a train wreck, hasn't it? i found your comment rather refreshing amongst what seems to have become a rather biphobic string of comments. hope it doesn't bug that i'm commenting on your journal.

--Anne Marie
Ah, heck no. I'd really... REALLY like to, well, like that community more, but the extensive teeny-bopping airheaded "omg what do u think" posts makes it difficult to peruse, to say the least.

Long gone are the days when lesbians were all (supposed to be) literate feminists.

"U" is not a word. Bleah.
True, and just about everybody seems to get bad habits from the internet... Like me not capitalizing when I bloody well know I should half the time. I liked the community better when talking about queer issues was new to me. Now I mostly just skim it when once in a while when I'm bored and even then half the time I only stop for the pictures because I don't often feel like hearing the same old stuff again.

I totally have that same reaction. XD Nooooo we're not related. XD