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Kittens +  Grenade

Well, that's an interesting thing to come online to

What the holy jeesus tapdancing fuck?

Uh... like everyone I know is on the list. Or anyway, most of the incredibly cool people. Sometimes twice.

No, make that three times... Because yaknow, my beloved is just THAT cool.

Tho I do think that this will cause FAR more trouble than the banlist. I don't have a problem with it but I already know that some people do...

Anyhow -

HI STRANGERS! I will now proceed to stalk you and post pictures of you in your SWIMSUITS everywhere and have RAPE FANTASIES about you when you are SIXTEEN FOURTEEN.


Join the club?

Seems like a trend. I'm finding out today as are many of my friends that I'm on a ban list for furries by a troll named bandefurz.

Re: Join the club?

I wasn't when I went to go look at it, but I hope I am now. I want to be one of the COOL kids! All the cool people are on the ban list! WHEEE!