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Kittens +  Grenade

Well, that's an interesting thing to come online to

What the holy jeesus tapdancing fuck?

Uh... like everyone I know is on the list. Or anyway, most of the incredibly cool people. Sometimes twice.

No, make that three times... Because yaknow, my beloved is just THAT cool.

Tho I do think that this will cause FAR more trouble than the banlist. I don't have a problem with it but I already know that some people do...

Anyhow -

HI STRANGERS! I will now proceed to stalk you and post pictures of you in your SWIMSUITS everywhere and have RAPE FANTASIES about you when you are SIXTEEN FOURTEEN.


Second, the best revenge is living well. Aren't we much better off perusing VCL, mucking, writing treatises on our fursona species, and whatnot? All the time we spend being unhappy over this nonsense, we could spend enriching the fandom and/or basking in it. Which is a better use of your irreplaceable time?

Things like this are the reason I friended you. Too many people have let the trolling and the PoEing get them down to the extent that they spend all their time trying to defend furry and none of it actually enjoying furry for what it means to them... which has led to a criminal loss of memory of what the whole thing was all about. The best revenge, AND the best solution for our own contentment irrespective of revenge, is living well.

D'aw.. er... thankuu. *giggles and hides*