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Kittens +  Grenade

Well, that's an interesting thing to come online to

What the holy jeesus tapdancing fuck?

Uh... like everyone I know is on the list. Or anyway, most of the incredibly cool people. Sometimes twice.

No, make that three times... Because yaknow, my beloved is just THAT cool.

Tho I do think that this will cause FAR more trouble than the banlist. I don't have a problem with it but I already know that some people do...

Anyhow -

HI STRANGERS! I will now proceed to stalk you and post pictures of you in your SWIMSUITS everywhere and have RAPE FANTASIES about you when you are SIXTEEN FOURTEEN.


I am quite angry about it.

I hope the 'remove' list will be posted tomorrow as promised and all the people I do not know will be gone.
Mm, I always presume strange people I don't know are reading my journal, and I hardly ever pay attention to who's friended me or not (really, how do you guys keep track of this stuff?).

It's no big deal for me, but I came online and saw alternate anger and hilarity... so you're not alone in that.