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Kittens +  Grenade

Mana teh kittn

Mana teh kittn is com home from wurk. She ist tired and hungri. But, she is checking mail furst.

O my! Ther ist a packig!

And it is frum Englind!


And in it ist a CARD wiht a HART and a RING that ist FIT and too SPARKLIEZ! One ist blu and the othder ist green.

YAY! Lully sparkliez!

Mana ist luff the girl frum Englind.

Yay kittins.



Glad you like.

*grin* Yeah, the bracelet really is something! The broken link should pose no problem - Sardonicus' "E." is an ametur jeweler, either she'll know how to fix it or maybe I can go to Robin and borrow his sautering tool.

It is SHINY. I'm very glad you decided to send it to me despite the link. :)

It will be an adventur!
It was originally a dangly on a pair of jeans I bought, but I figured it'd make a good bracelet; maybe it could do with re-enforcing, since I think it was just Titch attacking it that snapped it. Maybe E can fix some links and a clasp or something? Either way, it was too pretty to just discard.

Glad you like it all. *snugs*