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Kittens +  Grenade

Mana teh kittn

Mana teh kittn is com home from wurk. She ist tired and hungri. But, she is checking mail furst.

O my! Ther ist a packig!

And it is frum Englind!


And in it ist a CARD wiht a HART and a RING that ist FIT and too SPARKLIEZ! One ist blu and the othder ist green.

YAY! Lully sparkliez!

Mana ist luff the girl frum Englind.

Yay kittins.


oh LOL that is TOO Cute!!! :D

Glad you like.

*grin* Yeah, the bracelet really is something! The broken link should pose no problem - Sardonicus' "E." is an ametur jeweler, either she'll know how to fix it or maybe I can go to Robin and borrow his sautering tool.

It is SHINY. I'm very glad you decided to send it to me despite the link. :)

It will be an adventur!
It was originally a dangly on a pair of jeans I bought, but I figured it'd make a good bracelet; maybe it could do with re-enforcing, since I think it was just Titch attacking it that snapped it. Maybe E can fix some links and a clasp or something? Either way, it was too pretty to just discard.

Glad you like it all. *snugs*