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Kittens +  Grenade

NOT the same species

Why did I turn in my membership card to Homo sapiens?

This is why.


That just cannot be possible.. I mean. Gawd.
You gotta be putting me on. :D
That was my initial reaction too.
*dies laughing* That is so perfect. Thanks for the link! XD
I see someone else reads the customers_suck community. Just found it a couple days ago myself.
Oh, man. Haha. That's beautiful. XD

Also: new layout?
Yup. I think I used to have this one... switched when the new S2 styles came down the line. I want something that doesn't have the sidebar space taking up room all the way down my friends page tho.
*giggles* Kudos to Jessica. Hibernating...
Okay, that's bizzare and twisted. But at least the nutbar was grateful to them in the end.

Of course, it sounds like the sort of thing I'd do just as a gag, if I had the cash to blow on such fripperies.
I learned a long time ago that you can never underestimate how low the IQ points can really go on a person. I work with doctors all day long--you'd think at some point I would tire of listening to them complaining that they have a power outtage, and now their equipment won't work.

You'd think.