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Kittens +  Grenade

Nnnnnng I want MONEY

Apparently, employee evaluations are still being finalized. Raises will be determined then, and they can't/won't tell me what that'll be until it happens.

But, they'll be retroactive to the 1st, so I should get a bit. With any luck this will make the purchase of a countertop dishwasher more than feasible. Because yaknow, sardonicus doesn't really fit on the countertop, we need a more compact model.


BTW sent back the new ring yesterday. No problems swapping it over, there's some other things in there as well but I'll talk to you later about them. Or when you get them, whatever. Went airmail so should be there in a few days.
squee STUFF!!!
Good luck, hope it's a lot. ^_^

BTW, did you get my e-mail? I'm not sure I sent it to the right address. o_o;
Erf, yeah, yeah I did. At this point I kinda look at my email, go "Oh look email from so-and-so - I need to remember to write them back because they're cool and stuff!"

And it never happens. u_u
For 7 years I had to wash all my dishes by hand. Thank GOD (and Texas) that is all in the past!
Nobody in Texas washes dishes by hand?

A more compact model Sardonicus? o_O
Maybe I need to invest in a strap-on and fake beard.
Aaaaaaaaaaah... *brainfizzlepop*

The Mana you have dialed is temporarily out of commission. Please reboot and try again.