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Kittens +  Grenade

Slimy pets!


Aw FUDGE, they're illegal in the US.

Well, giant millipedes are good too. (Not slimy.)


I heard that snails can give you salmonella poisioning from touching them and yet the person in the photos is not woried about it. Hmm if you did get snails whether big or not just do not touch any of your own mucous tissues before using anti-bacterial soap. It is the equivalent of touching raw chicken then eating something that was contaminated from the chicken.

Slimy is not satisfying when that is the case ;)
But I used to eat raw chicken when I was little and never got sick, hmm I wonder if things have changed.
Most people have no resistance to salmonella because we never eat raw chicken because we are afraid of getting it.

Er.... One of the sites I looked at mentioned a very slight risk of meningitis (could be wrong), but I don't remember any mention whatsoever of salmonella.

At any rate, they're illegal in the US, so it's moot.

(I handle garden snails all the time, no salmonella yet...)