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Mmmm. Kelly.

Catching up on PP... This made me giggle obscenely.  I'm not entirely sure why.

I seem to have had a very rough adjustment period, but my brain chemicals appear to have decided to behave (knock on wood).  Only time will tell.  Love you all.... thanks for stickin' with me.


PP made me giggle too :)

I suffer from manic depression. I have found meditation to be fabulously useful is dealing with the ups and downs caused by my chemicaly imbalanced brain. It helps me see my mind. I still feel yucky when I am down, but I am less likely to act on what I feel. Seeing your mind helps you know the difference between what is real and what is not. Plus, when my loves see me meditating a lot, they know I am feeling yucky, and are usually a little more demonstrative of their love for me, which is really sweet of them. You should try it! If you lived closer I'd take you to my sanga and I'd sit with you. It's easier to get started when you have a friend doing it with you.