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Ramping up on another set of meds.  I forgot what that does to you.  It's like taking your mind, thoughts, emotions, and stirring them with a big ladle until something you like comes up.

So to speak.

I am restless, anxious, disconnected.  I know it's temporary, I'm not worried.  But in the meantime, it's annoying.  I need to keep moving, but I don't have the focus to DO anything with the energy.  So many things need doing.  My New Year's resolution was to handle clutter - I was doing pretty well until this last crash, then I'm back to where I started.  I'd like to get going on that again, but can't focus on any one project really.

Trying to take up yoga again.  Since I've had trouble with the asanas since breaking my ankle (hold the Tree stance on my right foot?  Uh huh), I decided to try vriasana (Hero) sitting pose.... damn that's harder than it looks.  But hey, it's interesting.  And if I'm going to the Beach House this summer I need to get in shape.

Butch is well settled in.  But I think he may need to see a vet - I think he may be developing a tumor.  Will have to consult with Tess.  The glass tetra, I'm afraid, didn't make it.  So, the comet is now sharing Butch's tank.  They seem to get along all right.  They do need more room, but this is okay for now.

Most of the cory's eggs have fallen off the aquarium sides, eaten most likely, but there is still a clutch safe under one leaf.  We shall see if fry result.  Meanwhile the siamese algae eaters in Butch's tank are perpetually hungry from chasing each other around - the hunk of quartz, which started out with a veritable lawn of algae, is now sparkling.

My car sucked up far too much money recently, between an engine flush, brake pads and some steering column issues.  We are okay for rent, squeaking by on food... bills are getting taken care of in priority depending on if they charge late fees or not.

Am doing fine without TV.  As long as we have the net... we can freakin' download TV.  We are exposed to less advertising, and I am doing more reading and embroidery.  Any shows I want I can pick up on DVD I think.  A squirrel has been added to my jacket.  It looks much more chaotic and fuzzy than her carefully-crafted animals - a unicorn, phoenix and snake - but it's a learning process.

Acquisition of piano is on the horizon.

I think I'm calming down... and I'm pretty sure that I will look back on this post and say "wtf was I on?"  Well, future me, it's 150mg zoloft and 150mg wellbutrin.  "Ah, yes, that explains it."

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