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Kittens +  Grenade


My cory cat is laying EGGS111!!!!!11!

I must be doing SOMETHING right, tho I have no idea what that might be.

Didn't even know it was a girl...



Wait, this isn't an actual cat, is it? O_o;;;

This is mommy.

This is daddy. I'm pretty sure... I think I only have two at the moment, it can be hard to tell sometimes...
Oooh, pretty fishies.....

(and much better than the whole disturbing cat with an egg sac image I was getting) *giggles*
See my comment to Xero, right above yours. :)
Weiiiiiiird. Okay :) Glad you like them! :)
OMG thats cool! Cory cats are cool little bottom-feeders XD Good luck with your baby fishies.
That is indeed impressive!
Cory's are fun--I want to get a couple, but unfortunately my black convicts and oscar would eat them. Where is she laying/placing the eggs?
Heh, yeah, they are real peaceful. She's mostly got them on vertical and upside-down spaces, so there are little clutches of about 7-12 little translucent eggs along the aquiarum walls and under the leaves of one of my plants.