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Kittens +  Grenade

.... suck.

Wow.  Today I am sucking.  I had a bit of energy to try to go and do stuff that would make me feel productive and endorphined, but then it just fizzled.  Could blame it on the rain.

Will go watch BBC and feel pathetic now.


:hugggs you very tight nuzzling your cheek: Aww sweetie, I understand how you feel, I get that alot in my house, prlly pecause of the air flow in this place *meprhs* Just relax and collect yourself ^_^
Ugh ditto. 'xcept for the watching BBC part. But...ugh. I VERY much know how you feel.

Awww...::Hugs:: does herbal tea help?
Doesn't help with the mood any, I'm afraid.
Sex with a good woman is all you need. It always makes me feel better!
Hm. Is that a physician-approved remedy for clinical depression?
You know...it probably isn't. That said, I suffer from clinically diagnosed depression and I know it always makes me feel better :)

I also take Wellbutrin. Going on Wellbrutrin was the best thing I ever did! I know it doesn't work for everyone (because not everyone has the same kind of brain chemical problem that I do), but man you wouldn't BELIEVE how much better I feel now that I have gotten on it. I also found that it helps to excersise and since I've started taking Wellbutrin, I have more energy for exercise.
Whatever you do, just don't ignore depression for too long.

The part about sex with a good woman was my flimsy attempt to make you smile. I hope I didn't piss you off. *snugs*


*offers Gir plushie to make you feel better!*