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Things that have happened

I haven't done a proper update in a long time.

A few moments that stand out from the crowd -

There's a girl I crush on at work. She is absolutely gorgeous... multiracial, cappuchino skin, hazel eyes, individual braids down to her waist... she's also really not from my walk of life (re: fannish... alternative...) So I never expect anything to happen. BUT, she sure is nice to look at, and friendly as well.

Her: [you and Sardonicus] make a great couple! Like you were meant for each other.

Me: Aw, thank you! *pleased noises*

Her: Are you going to get married?

Me: *brain does gymnastics* Nnno... *smiling and nodding*

Her: Oh? Well, sometimes it's better to just live together...

I... had... no idea what to say. I don't know her well enough to explain everything. Sardonicus later suggested I should say yes, and then it's her own fault if she assumes I mean we're getting married to each other. But, he's the one getting married, I'm not, officially, so I couldn't say "we" are getting married....

Brainhurty. When does the evil twin in a mech show up?

So, my boss took me to lunch (Something she did with all my coworkers... only three of us after all), and we talked... she knows I grew up alternative, and I explained the whole "Yes, I did have two moms and a dad at the same time" business. She also knows about my current love life... well, enough of it anyway.

Boss: So, didn't you sell your art?

Me: Oh yeah, at fantasy conventions n'stuff. ("Fantasy conventions" being the 2-approved method of refering to Furry.)

Boss: Does that make a lot of money?

Me: Oh god, no! If anyone ever tells you there's money in furry art, don't believe it!

Boss: Furry?

Me: Yeah, like the animal people... (at one point she did see some of my work, like a year back)

Boss: No, I know what it is... I saw that CSI episode.

I swear I start hearing Twilight Zone music. This happens to other furs, right? Am I on Candid Camera? I am quick to assure her that furry is not like that - well the convention scene wasn't far off, but the other stuff was wacko bizarre - and that furry is not about costuming, that's just the most visual aspect...

Then she goes on her tangent about how she knows how I feel to be on a fringe because she's a Scientologist. Well, at least she doesn't try to convert people.

Kashini has developed a taste for watermelon. I gave her some... then later in the evening she bit the nose off my Windstone wolf. That's the thanks I get...

I am now once again betta'd. I was only in Petco to get cat food, I swear. I shoulda known better than to stop and look at the bettas... lots of pretty boys. This time, I went for color AND personality - a very friendly pastel blue. Definitely a good choice, he's up around the front of the tank all the time, and isn't taking any nonsense from the guppies. I've had some bettas who ran to the back of the tank, very shy, and that was just annoying. :P

The hair experiment is going fairly well, I am planning on addressing all the questions people had. Uh, later. :)

EDIT: Oh yeah, and this happened. Felt it. Wheee!


Re: hehehehe

The conversation moved on to the episode of CSI featuring infantilism... I think she was nonplussed when I said I thought that community probably didn't appreciate the portrayal and coverage either. In that sort of, "Community? There ARE people who do that?" way.

That would certainly be interesting, but is it a good idea? Some of them can be pretty sensitive about that.
I'm not worried about offending him. (Having had a family member escape from Scientology, I know exactly what they are.) I'm just worried about him finding some excuse to fire someone who made fun of his religion. o.o
Well, first, my boss is a She...

And second, she strikes me as someone who calls themeselves Christian but doesn't go in for the wackiness that is the Church. She doesn't give them money, for one thing... I guess something about the theology (if you can call it that) appeals to her.

I don't really see any reason to make it an issue. There are people who consider furry just as ludicrous, but I'd like them not to pick in me because of it. (Don't always get that wish by a long shot, but still.)

No matter what I think of Scientology, she hasn't made it an issue, so I see no reason to make an issue of her choice.
According to CoS doctrine you can't follow their belief system without joining their church -- independent practitioners are "unlicensed" or "untrained" when they're being polite, and called "squirrels" when they're not.

Squirrel Scientologists generally tend to be pretty sane. Apart from Hubbard's deep homophobia, most of what's in Dianetics is fairly basic behavioral science. It's only his organization that's dangerous.
Re: The CSI episode.

Amusingly enough, my therapist saw that. We spend time, occasionally, talking about what furry is and isn't. She knows better than to believe it, but we talk about the bits of fandom that it vaguely included (and then twisted). It's fun -- an experiment in putting it all into words. :)

I got a betta last month and it still will not eat. It is beauty w/o brains, and I see my flaw in picking it out.

Here's whatcha shoulda done

You shoulda put your hand on your hip and said (in the tone of a sassy black woman):

"Honey, if you've seen that CSI episode, you DON'T know what furry is!"

May I borrow you for a moment?

Hello Manawolf,

My name is Vegeta's Mate ~sighs feeling stupid because her name is already posted~ I asked princesjewel if she knew anyone who had some really good Radditz art that wouldn't mind letting me host some on my site and she told me that you were an exceptional artist and to ask you if you would mind letting me host a few pics. So here I am. I feel like a bit of a heel asking you for something when I don't even know you which is why it has taken me so long to ask ~looks back over the weeks she spent getting up the nerve to even think about asking~

Anyway, I totally understand if you say no. I mean why let a total stranger use some of your art work?

Thanks for your time.


Ugh the CSI episode was just.. bad *shudder*