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Kittens +  Grenade


Sardonicus made lemon muffins.  Is there anything sexier than a man who can cook?  With a fresh haircut, even?  IS THERE???

(Well maybe there is, but not tonight.)


I could do them nude....mind you, that was a damn warm oven for a bit.
Ow... That made me wince in every cell of my body.
mmmm that's a wonderful mental image. Sexy man naked 'xcept for apron....cooking....yay *^_^*
Aprons? Aprons are for girly-men! My viking ancestors laugh at aprons! Ah, there's nothing like the feel of hot bacon grease first thing in the morning....

And I appreciate the complement *G*.
Heh....actually, your Viking Ancestors *did* wear aprons...**Leather** aprons...

Ooooo...talll Viking dude in leather apron...and nothing else...*grins*
Ah, but that was for the smiths, fine stapping chaps that they were.

Can't say I've ever had a leather apron to wear, but I have done a kilt now and then.
Daawww. Well, I wouldn't know about that... I guess I'd like to think that I present myself as sezzy when I cook for my honey, but I think I'd have to do it in the nude to pull it off. *chuckles*

Alton Brown gets so many letters from the ladies. Don't even ask about Emeril. =};-3
... you know when i got into cooking the last thing on my mind at the time was, "Yeh, the ladies like a man you knows his way around the stove." But it is true, my wife likes to tell ladies all over the place that I can cook to watch them all grow this pale green color with some feeling down deep (She is evil that way). From friends to family, Im a big hit when it comes to everything from family get-togethers to special occasions of other sort. And, of course, Im so used to being in front of blasting sources of heat (like fan powered ovens) that cooking nude is no problem either (regular trips into the steam room and sauna probably help my tolerance too).

Still, I am trying to figure out to this day what the big deal is.
Is it because they can cook ? Or cause they can cook something special at the house ? Another one of those long standing mysteries about women I am likely not able to find total answer to in my lifetime. :)

A few answers

It's a few deadly combinations... It shows he's not afraid to break the traditional gender barrier (while cooks are often male, in the home it's clasically the woman doing the cooking), which betrays a sense of confidence, and that he's secure enough in his manliness to not be threatened by such things.

It's also that it shows he can step up to the plate and do something nice for you, which women LOVE. It's about on the level of foot-rubs or something. Especially because a lot of women are hedonists when it comes to food.

So, he's willing to break conformity, he doesn't feel threatened by this and/or you are important enough to him so that he will do this, AND he's providing for you, AND there are goodies involved?

Seriously, just mop the lady in question up, 'cause she is all with the melting and squishy.

Belated disclaimer: Using classic gender roles and stereotypes, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

Well, since you left me a message, I'll leave you one too. :>

Cooking can be fun, even for us bachelor guys. It helps when you use a few shortcuts here and there. (My pumpkin pies are becoming locally famous, but I use pre-made crusts; most of my dinner parties are done using a crock pot. Little labor but wow, the stuff that comes out is darned good).

I dunno if it's scary, but I like cooking for folks RL. It's much nicer then just cooking for oneself. :>

-- ArchTeryx