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What a wonderful time waster


It's Not TV. It's Manawolf.
Made To Make Your Manawolf Water.
You Deserve A Manawolf Today.
Gives A Meal Manawolf-Appeal.
Let The Manawolf Take The Strain.
All You Add Is Manawolf.
The Manawolf Bars Are On Me! o_0
I Bet He Drinks Manawolf.
The Curiously Strong Manawolf.
Unzip a Manawolf.
Mama Mia, That'sa One Spicy Manawolf!
Probably The Best Manawolf In The World.
The Joy of Manawolf.

Kids Will Do Anything For Chythar.
Every Chythar Helps.
Try Chythar, You'll Like It.
I'd Like to Buy the World a Chythar.
But I'd Rather Have a Bowl of Chythar.
It's Chythar Time.
The Chythar That Eats Like A Meal. (nani?)

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