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Proof of femininity

Whooo I tried the shampoo alternative! The bulk of my hair is slightly rough and tangly (as if I used conditioner but rinsed it out too much), but that's to be expected after the first use because natural sebaceous oils haven't worked through it yet. But aside from that, it's incredibly... soft. Especially at the scalp. Holy MOLY it's soft. *touches it profusely*

I'm pleased so far, we'll see how it fares over the next week and whatnot. I may look into what sorts of oils and such I can get to add in - TJ's used to have a lovely rosemary mint oil, but I think they stopped carrying it, which made me sad 'cause I LOVED it for ma hair.

*has green tea mochi and green tea to drink*

Work is pretty good. I'm actually enjoying myself there at the moment. Not sure if it's a genuine shift in the environment, or in my mood and methods of dealing with it. Could be both/either. It's a welcome change, whatever it is.

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