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Kittens +  Grenade

Oh yeah...

I was just thinking about how broke I am right now (No mom, not asking for money, I got myself into it and I can manage :) ), and then I was thinking about my time in London with otana (mostly about how I wish I could turn back the clock and be with her, and how time just seemed to evaporate), and then I realized...


I decided to keep them just in case the exchange rate got better. At the time I wasn't hurting for cash, so there was no pressing need to get them changed. Well, they're gonna sure help me out now! Of course I do need to actually get to the post office before it closes to exchange them.

Wow, the things you store away for later that you forget. I am a dang squirrel.

Post office ahoy!

EDIT: To summarize an extremely roundabout and frustrating day, apparently neither the post office nor the bank changes money. (Go figure, the post office in LONDON did it just fine...) And the closest exchange shop is M-F, 9-5. What. Thefuck. I can send Sardonicus on over on Wednesday or something, but by then I'll already be paid!


Not to mention the sausages, swedish meatballs, and cheese items we have tucked away in odd corners of the frig. It may be tight financially, but we will feast tomorrow!
As a comment on your recent post, which you removed comments on ...

At least you don't have $8000 worth of debt. :P

Seriously, going overdrawn happens a lot to most people. People like chibi_vegeta who manage to keep some kind of savings are lucky, but not the norm. Living in an expensive city like LA (or London) it takes either someone with extremely good financial sense or a really high paying job to keep on top of their money problems. Just the wealth of "consolidate your debts!" and "get a loan to pay off your credit cards!" commercials all over the TV should say that much.

In other words ... what affects you, affects you and I won't say it's wrong to be defensive or worry about money. I didn't tell anyone about my credit card debts for at least three years because I was so ashamed of them, until I realized it was actually pretty common and that other people have far bigger debts.

With any luck, once I get my work permit I can actually use my Japanese (and maybe one day Chinese, Russian and so on) to get a decent interpreting job and really help out.

Yeah... well... even if I did lock that one to a particular group, the way I was feeling at the time, I really didn't want to discuss it at all. Then even when I was feeling better, I didn't feel inspired to open that one up. What, me stubborn?

My debt's more like (mumble)... but yeah, I've really found that the best way to begin to manage is to stop feeling ashamed about it, because when I do that, I ignore it because I want to pretend it doesn't exist. (Why of course, that works for ALL life's problems!)

But, this is a slow and imperfect process, and having someone question me about it just brings all of that to the fore. u_u I might discuss it voluntarially, a little... but damn I don't need people asking me "well why are you overdrawn, what's going on?"

Mind you Sardonicus and I have discussed the incident wherin that happened and it's all gewd now.

Cripes, no wonder money problems rate among the highest of causes for relationship arguments.