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I fixed my desk. Particle board, meet carpenter glue!!! Take that, gravity!

Finally visited Tabu Tattoo down the way. Seen the shop my whole life, always been both fascinated and intimidated. Finaly walked in, ogled the flash, looked at their portfolio - and was impressed. One of the artists chatted us up while we looked through the photos, was very helpful and friendly (while she was doing some guy's arm, even...). Asked if we'd been tattoo'd before, asked me if I knew what I wanted... there was another artist talking to someone who was going to get some work done, making sure they were clear on what he wanted. It was clean, airy... Hell, when I finally decide to get something done, I don't see why I should go anywhere else.

I found sandals that have good tread and pretty good support at Ross, as well. Couldn't really afford them at this point in the month.... But, it is SO rare I come across shoes I absolutely love, I'd regret it if I passed them up. Actually, I tried to pass them up, and found myself thinking about them all the next day, so I went back to get them.

Oh yeah...

Which Anime Character Is Your True Love? by Crimson Coattails
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Repair and upkeep for Gundams are expensive...not to mention that between the two of them, hair care products would be through the ROOF...

*snickers uncontrollably*
Getting inked is hella hot. Make surte you do it with someone you love present. ^_^
Standard educational ;) carton about piercing (well, not tattos, but kinda related anyway)


If necessary I can make some rough translation from russian.
Wow. That was like the sequence in Top Secret that was filmed backwards. Groovy.
Glad you were able to fix your desk