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Kittens +  Grenade

Wow that sucked.

I locked myself out of the house and had to take an extra-long walk to make sure sardonicus would be home when I got back. Thank god HE remembered his key this morning.

Teh suuuuck. Could have been much more sucky, granted.

I did return with Snapple, a belly full of custard and some shiny shounen-ai. Not a total loss. And I ran into a friend from high school.... I need to look in my year book so I can remember her name. ^_^


I just went on a wild and crazy adventure to try and find our friend with a key to our place because we locked ourselves out after bar hopping tonight. Oh man the pain. >.

the gods grant our wishes

I had to laugh, sweetheart, at the juxtaposition of your last 2 postings. First, you decide you need more exercise, then the universe arranges for it.

Last week, I had decided I needed to get off Rose's case about school, so the universe arranged for me to work full time -- ALL FIVE DAYS. It's a good thing I kept my sensahumah about it, too.

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!


Re: the gods grant our wishes

*chuckles* Or maybe you are more willing to see the opportunities that were there all along. ^_^

It is funny as heck tho. I'm dang glad that Sardonicus got off work around 4pm instead of 8 (as he does on weekdays).