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Kittens +  Grenade

Definitely gaining weight, and too much

Today I am taking a walk after breakfast. I will walk to the bank to deposit my mother's check, and maybe visit Mitsuwa while I am at it. Then I will come home and call Otana if she is still awake because I luff her sho.

But I need to get more exercise, it's not even amusing.


Iiii forget if I've pointed this out before, but is there somewhere you can go swimming? :) Good way to get exercise without straining your feet.
I'm real picky about where I swim. Plus I gotta shell out cash one way or the other, get my swimsuit and a towel and goggles together, and shower afterwards, and.....

It's just easier to walk out the door. And more painful... but hey. I'm a little tired of letting that stop me.
heh...very true.

Go you! *^_^*
Everyone I know (except Brenda) has gained weight just as a part of getting older.
Yeah, I think mine is really related to exercise tho. I do gotta watch it because apparently my cholesterol is sky-high. So it's not vanity, it's a health issue. (OK... so it's not JUST vanity.)