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Kittens +  Grenade


You are a Persian! You are quiet, gentle, and
loving, though sometimes you need extra
attention and care. Some might call you high
maintenance, but you just need to be pampered.

What breed of cat are you?
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I had to be the cat with no nose. Awk.

EDIT: I'm off my game. That's the only excuse for getting this result right after that one...


He's not a TWIN! He's their father (and probably
the reason they're so screwed in the head...)
So the most important thing in the entire
universe is getting into your Mate's pants.
It's not YOUR fault that your marriage to the
last living harpy left you in need of some good
sex, all the time--everywhere--even where your
impressionable children can see.

Which Therapy Twin Are you?
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And googly eyes. XD
Yeah well... ok, they do bear a resemblence to pugs, that's a plus... why in god's name I love pugs but can't stand Persians is beyond me XD

Check out the edit. That's just not right. I protest!
Well I hate both, so at least I'm consistant. :P