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Stolen from doodlesthegreat

This is some of the most genuinely funny stuff I've seen in a long time. Cartoons based on spam headers. There's something refreshing about these. They are just.... honestly funny. I can't describe it any other way.


Go. Now.


Wow... I laughed so hard I cried on some of those.... I just wish I'd thought of that idea first ^.^!
What's nice is they're surprisingly clean and clever... XD I was expecting the "one to four inches" header to be something else entirely.
Which is the reason he picks those subject lines. =};-3
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA ack it's too late at night to laugh this hard!

I love the "I flew to London $75 round trip" :-)
Hey, there's your flight to London!

I found your journal through wolf wings

Hey, is it possible for you to tell me the layout in which you used. I may want to modify the color scheme but still use it