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Gypsies and their horses

These pages fill me with lust.

And... I wish they would fill me with other things too... but they are just pictures.


And shirtless man holding horse. Thank you sir may I have another.


*snicker* Iiiiii know how you got to those pics. ;)

BEAUTIFUL horse, too. *^_^*
BTW - Mom also thinks they're drop-dead gorgeous. ^_^
gawd, those feathers are BEAUTIFUL!!!
o.o That IS one gorgeous sexy horse.. wow... though not as tall as I thought he was going to be, unless that is a very tall man.

I like the one with the little foal in the background... it seems to be staring at him in awe. Or maybe it's puppy love.
That horse is positively gorgeous. I want! I want! I want!
I'm not much of a horse person, but WOW, beautiful. ^___^
As if it needs saying, but PRETTY PRETTY PONY!