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Kittens +  Grenade

The full Bishie song

to the tune of "Fish Heads"
original by Dr. Demento
spoof by Manawolf

Bi-shie, bi-shie, rolly poly bishie.
Bi-shie, bi-shie, eat them up, yum!


In the morning, sleepy, sexy bishie;
In the evening, soaking in the bath.


Ask a bishie anything you want to;
They won't answer - they'll just blush.


I took a bishie out to yaoi con;
Didn't have to pay to get him in.


They're great at baseball; they wear tight sweaters;
They're hot exotic dancers; they got great pecs.


Rolly poly bishonen can be seen drinking capuccino in Italian restaurants
with Oriental women, yeah.

Chorus 4 times




woohooo someone else knows the fishheads song... I was worried my friend was a freak ... actually his teacher is for teaching it to him but thats besides the point... hehehehhe yay

Re: @_@

Dr. Demento went to the same college my parents met at... I went to it as well for a semester. Kinda tells you something about my family, ne? ;)

Re: @_@

hai very yes that must be why you turned out so cool :D