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Kittens +  Grenade

xxx is Love

saiyajins are love
brought to you by the isLove

Haw. I is amused.

EDIT: Code fixed thanks to duskwuff!

I think?

Yes, yes that did it. Whooo.


Mmmmf. The colour bar no worky in Firefox. :/
You're right...

Odd, it looked fine when I got the results from the quiz. And I use Firefox. o_O I don't know what's different in the code they provided...
U R teh roxx0rz. :D
Right now Firefox is raping my brain. Or at least my Web assignment. It is doing it with a large pointy object.
I don't get on AIM often, but the main problem is that I have a div with the CSS style "background-image: url(insertimagehere.jpg); ", two a links with exactly the same property except for the name of the image is different, and the background of the a links shows up in Firefox but the background of the div doesn't. I've searched online for the solution and in my case it is not down to any of the following:

-floated divs (I'm not using them)
-specifying parameters using "background" after using "background-image"
-using "background-image" when I should be using "background" (I tried it)
-using "repeat: no-repeat" (I am using it, but took it out, it didn't change anything)

It works in IE. Any advice?
woooow! Luckyy! I got Science Fiction is love. -.-;;