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Kittens +  Grenade

I drew. News at 11.

I was sitting down trying to figure out what to draw, when Kashini sat on my drawing pad. Voila.


Oh, how TRUE!

That's part of the cat's job description - sitting on human papers when humans need them the most.

That cat expression is SO PRECIOUS and so accurate!
Too true. Whenever I have my bed littered with paper from study sessions all three cats come to play/sleep/pretend they're not there just to jump on the paper. n.n

As soon as I placed the daily newspaper on the floor next to my LazyBoy, Matilda was there to sit on it. She does this little chicken dance, then she looks like she's trying to hatch the newspaper, and finally she settles down to enjoy the paper.

I love cats :)
That's what cats think newspapers are for: floor insulation.
Bob is too shy to say so, but he likes this drawing. He does not wish to leave a comment because he thinks the wrong people will read it. So I am stepping up to the plate :)
Awwwwww! I hold Bob's art in the highest esteem, so that means a lot to me. Thanks for passing it on!
Everyone in my family thinks it's really cute. ^__^

She's your mewwws, eh?
Aaaaaaaahahahaha. That's priceless. And I KNOW she pulls that "aren't I sooooooo cute?" face just as she manages to flop herself down right where you don't need her.

"Kashini! Don't sit ... no ... awwwwwwwww ... never mind."

I like the sketchy quality of this, and the colors. I think this is my favorite out of the stuff you've done lately. I really hope you can find the energy and inspiration to draw a little more, you really have so much talent ... it was really interesting for me to look over your shoulder and watch your sketches come together.

BTW, I'm sorry about what happened last night. I need to talk to you about it, but I think I'd prefer to do it on YIM than on the phone, if that's okay.
*purrs* Your support and encouragement mean so much to me. I think I'm starting to get it figured out.

Sounds good. I'll hop on in a bit, ok?
that is downright adorible. Lacey does that kind of thing around here as well. Including sitting infont of the monitor when Im trying to get work done -_-" but ya gotta love em for it.
Cat-block used to be a way of life for me until I lost my best-ever catfriend. This was closely followed by his penchant for using my keyboard while I was still using it. He also had an uncanny knack of getting into my lap just moments before I intended to get up, and he'd look at me as if to say "You didn't really want to get up, did you? I miss Sandy.