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Kittens +  Grenade

Stole from ame_chan

Oh. My god. My brain. It's like.... Chick tracts gone horribly, horribly wrong. Some of the material here actually makes me honestly nauseous.

Bolds by me....

God made me an intellectual giant, a spiritual explorer, and an inspired artist. I intend to fully use my mind and my spirit to further God's kingdom. I have a brain, so why should I copy the same old miracles in the Bible that everyone else does? No, I have a better plan!

I want God to do something new for Christianity. Are healings and calling fiery hail down from heaven all that He can do? Thank goodness, no! He would be a boring God indeed! Besides, that's kids' stuff. I want God to perform a miracle that will continually astound people, something that only God can do. I want God to change this awful human body into a beautiful dragon so that people will experience the miraculous every day of their lives.

When God changes me into a dragon, people from all walks of life will admire me and listen to what I have to say for once in my life. Nobody wants to listen to a scared little boy with glasses, but everyone likes dragons. I'll give them a good reason to accept Jesus. They'll get to meet REAL dragons in Heaven, not the make-believe ones in fairy tales that will never be able to interact with them. Jesus will prove to them, through me, that He can satisfy anyone.

Why should satan have a copyright on the dragon image? I'll fight it in a bloody court of law if I have to. The dragon image is PUBLIC DOMAIN and as such I can claim the right to my own interpretation on it. I will be the real dragon, not satan. Satan is just a miserable fallen angel and I will not let that insignificant jerk steal my dreams.

OK the nausea is gone, to be replaced by hysterical laughter. Yeah... you just wait for God to change you into a dragon. I will convert the instant that happens. And no fair going all Stalking-Cat on us either. I want a fucking deific bolt of lightning to transform you into a DRAGON. I want a MIRACLE of physical transformation. Like POOF. If that happens, if you manage this, I will be your gospel BITCH.

Don't let me get started on the public domain versus Satan stuff, it's just... no. Too easy. That's like shooting hog-tied ducks in a barrel.

Moltar Mothra The dude does seem to mean well (for a fundie... apparently he has four Gay Friends...) and I can't fault him for that (the road to hell... intentions...), but he needs to be taken down a notch. Or thirty.


That sounds almost as deluded as _starblade_’s couple last entries.
OK, out of morbid train-wreck syndrome curiosity I went to go look.

Holy mental illness in a handbasket, Batman! If anyone ever tells me that I am fucked up, I will just remember this. That will put it all into perspective.
As nasty as I may sound now to this person, behind his back even… girl, I love your reply XD
Actually, if you read through some of his stuff, you'll see he's been diagnosed with a mental illness, which probably explains a lot. He actually seems pretty together for others I've met with the same disorder.
Absolutely true, I did not delve that far.

Still makes my brain hurt tho. ^_^ Poor fella.
Aw, poor schmuck has schizotypal personality disorder, so his writings can not be judged as ones coming from healthy subject.
I actually kind of feel sorry for the guy. If his claim of 20-odd years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse is true, he probably has a reason to be more than a few sandwiches short of a picnic, poor bugger.

You can always tell people who are clinging to Otherkinness for the wrong reasons when they start talking about wretched human forms and how disgusting and vile their bodies are and how it would be so l33t just to be a dragon then I could get back at everyone who picked on me!!11omg But, yanno, it's also a shame the guy feels like that.

This made me blinky, though:

I had to toss out pornography, D&D books, Magic the Gathering cards, my weed pipe, Star Wars books and toys, heavy metal CDs, and dragon paraphernalia - in increasing order of difficulty. Each time you ditch stuff God doesn't like, He draws you closer to Him.

Okay, so God doesn't want you to think about dragons. But he's going to make you into one. Mm-hmm. It makes me kinda sad that this guy's too far gone to grok the contradictions in much of this (but I can say that about a lot of fundie Christians in general, draconic or no), and, much like the Rapture people, seems to have based his whole raison d'etré on this idea that God can make him what he wants to be.

With the exception of those for whom it's clearly physically viable at the moment (i.e. transgendered people), longing for and wanting to transform your body's great, I'm all for it, but basing your entire sense of happiness on that goal is a bit dodgy.
Yeah. I mean, even given trauma and mental illness, his writings and the logic within are just.... waaaay off the other side of the rainbow.

This coming from someone who's already far on the alternative end of the spectrum... >_>
I first read of this in a Metafilter link, later saw it on Something Awful, and have now spotted it on Memepool. KA-RAY-ZEE, BABY!
Wow...what a small world this is...

Hallo, how's Mana?