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Kittens +  Grenade

Laundry List

Pay cell phone bill.
Buy Tria refills so I can finish commissions! This is important!
Buy a new walkman radio. I think this old one of Chythar's is chewing soil, maybe contacts are dirty or wires are loose, but it's acting funny & seems to have drained its batteries REAL fast. Abnormally fast.
Buy socks.
Buy more pants.
Buy some green embroidery thread. (Low priority but still on the list.)
And, if I'm real good, I will reward myself with a DBZ DVD and/or soundtrack/s. But only if I deserve it.



Hey hey! MAke a Xmas list instead so other folks can buy this stuff for you
What, like this?
You can find miniature Black Jade roses here for $7.00 a plant.