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Kittens +  Grenade

Religion Quiz

Wow, I agree with ame_chan. The person who wrote this quiz knows fucking jack diddly about "religion, anarchy or, um, anything, really."

*snorts* Halftruths and no convictions my arse.

You scored as Buddhist. You are a Buddhist
You basically get lost in the sea of conflicting ideas as your mind hasn't been developed to discern truth from halftruth. You entertain many philosophical ideas that don't apply to your daily life or actually fulfill you in any way. Maybe you didn't have a strong background of faith and morality growing up, which is why you have basically no convictions whatsoever. Follow your heart, it will guide you to the obvious truth and its simplicity will astonish you. Tarot cards, astrology, and witchcraft will be a temptation for you. Be careful.














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*amused* Actually, Buddhism applies more to every day life than Christianity ever has for me. Buddhism is more about philosophy and inner peace, though... not so much religious beliefs. It's more like a pathway to finding your own spirituality, rather than being forcefed it.

Whoever wrote this also seems to believe that having "strong convictions" has to be a loud and apparent thing. Tsk.
Amen. I rather consider myself one by default, and is the only religious system (if you can call it that) I ever considered having a chance of actually being *real*.

I have extremely strong convictions... but they more involve how people should treat each other, rather than what people should think or even do (outside of those guidelines for treating each other).
Are you aware that Buddhism teaches that all emotion, including love, are to be avoided as they will invariably become suffering?

Are you aware that Buddhism also teaches that each soul has a path of deveopment to follow? If I am not yet ready to tread that path, I will not be able to achieve that state.
The core belief structure of Buddhism has -zero- to do with 'inner peace'. I suppose the factors of tranquility and concentration could be interpreted as such, but they are merely means to an end. Acceptance of anicca, dukkha, and anatta is of far more import than being peaceful. One can not help but do no action when one accepts that all attachments are the source of suffering. To the outside observer, this could be seen as 'inner peace', but it is derived from little else than acceptance that all things are rooted in suffering, and the only goal an enlightened individual should seek is the extinguishing of the self.

And yes, it is a religion.
To an outside observer, probably.
I don’t see the difference between “Christian” and “Catholic”.  On this side of the world we know Christianity, and then there are branches of it, ranging from Orthodox to Roman Catholic to Protestant to the million little churches in the U.S. — all these are subsets of Christianity, people belonging to them are this or that variants of Christians.  If anyone says “But I’m a Christian” in reflection to the other person being, say, Catholic, I’m inclined to raise an eyebrow.  If they mean their Christianity™ is The™, True™, Original™, One™ Christianity or something, they definitely need a reality check — their stuff is nothing like original old christianity.

Bah, sorry for the rant, hope you don’t mind…

And you’re half a cult, congratulations! O.o;
Haw. My art teacher once gave the class a lecture on how people (re: students) would answer the question "Are you Christian?" with "No, I'm Catholic!" o_O; That's like answering "Are you a bird?" with "No, I'm a turkey!"
I thought it was supposed to work the other way -- that some Protestants didn't consider Catholics to be real Christians, and vice versa, but that each claimed the title of "true Christian" for themselves?
LOL I remember kids answering that way. XD
Ahh, when will poor religion cease to be the whipping boy of choice for the equally devout faith of geekery? Perhaps the entire concept of 'faith' has been so thoroughly hijacked by the forces of conformism that there is little left to do but attack it with baseless assertion and foolish rhetoric...

Also, when the hell did 'Anarchism' and 'Cult' become religions? This quiz writer might have served her purpose with more veracity if she included Advaita Vedanta or a more realistic portrait of Buddhism. I swear people in the west think that Buddhism can be summed up with, "Chill out, dude!", as if to say that there is no such thing as Buddhist fundamentalists who resist counterculture, or the occasional 'batshit insane' practitioner.

A plea to the geek world in which I live:

For the sake of discourse, read a little on religion before you decide you understand it.

(I do not hold you, Ms. Wolf, to any measure of blame in this regard.)
I've had a course in history of religion, thanks. :P