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Kittens +  Grenade


I dressed up as a pooka but no one knows what it is.


Thank goodness I didn't go for my original idea, which was Fenris (hence the eclipse a few nights ago) ambushed by a rainbow.

In other news, work starting to get better (between the boss' vacation and me actually starting to catch up on things).



It's one of the monsters from Dig Dug. -:)
You dressed as a giant rabbit?


Rennie or Folks into Celtic Lore will know what a pooka is...

Wasn't rabbits the most scariest things ever to Anya from 'Buffy'?

Nope, I don't know what a pooka is. O_O

I'm glad to hear that work is getting better from last entry!

If you find that it's creepy that I added myself to your friends list, I can remove myself. ^_~


You're kidding, Right? ;)

Re: Creepy?

Better to be safe then have someone go omg, this creepy person I've never met before keeps commenting in my livejournal! O_O;;

I figured it was fine though. ;) Thanks!
*hides face*

I feel so mundane...I don't know what a pooka is either!

*head-desk* It's a fox-based trickster critter. Think Loki.

Maybe I *should* have gone for Fenris...
*idly wondering* Say, do you really think Bugs Bunny is really a mere rabbit?
I wanted to let you know that I finally saw the rabbit in the moon last night. But how did you arrive at the conclusion that it is making rice paddies?