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Got my hair untangled. I did have to take an awful large chunk out of it.... but, sardonicus assures me it doesn't show. I specifically worked for that, and was very careful about where and how I cut it. Still, I had to remove more than I wanted.... but there really was no help for it. There are dreadlocks with more hope of untanglement than that mess. It was.... fused. >_>

Very elusive but incredibly vivid dreams... I slept 'till past noon, partially because I wanted to keep them going. Something about a rare Secret of Nimh sequel that was actually good, and then... that evolved into stuff... and I swear there was a plot, and characters, and I was thinking Wow this is great I should draw this up in a story and naturally I couldn't remember a damn thing when I woke up. I hate that.

Of course, when I CAN remember plots from my dreams, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever and I could never write it up even if I could get my ass in shape long enough to do a comic. (That one story for Shanda is.... oh, two-three years overdue now?)

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